TRE: Theologische Realenzyklopdie by Horst Robert Balz, Richard P. C. Hanson, Sven S. Hartman,

By Horst Robert Balz, Richard P. C. Hanson, Sven S. Hartman, Richard Hentschke, Wolfgang Muller-Lauter

Publication via Balz, Horst Robert, Hanson, Richard P. C., Hartman, Sven S., Hentschke, Richard, Muller-Lauter, Wolfgang

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TRE: Theologische Realenzyklopdie

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No wonder the ancients looked to their gods in these mountains, in thunder and in the clouds. The divinity of their life was in the benediction that lay hidden in these unapproachable snows. His disciples came to invite you to visit their guru; you politely refused but they came often, hoping that you would change your mind or accept their invitation, becoming weary of their insistence. So it was decided that their guru would come with a few of his chosen disciples. It was a noisy little street; the children played cricket there; they had a bat and the stumps were a few odd bricks.

Now the monkeys disappeared as it was growing hot but the parrots and doves had their nests in the holes and crevices of the high walls. This old ruined temple was too far away for the villagers to further destroy it. Had they come they would have desecrated the emptiness. Religion has become superstition and image-worship, belief and ritual. It has lost the beauty of truth; incense has taken the place of reality. Instead of direct perception there is in its place the image carved by the hand or the mind.

All over the earth there were large, spreading towns, villages; on the hills there were castles, churches and houses, and beyond them were the vast deserts, brown, golden and white. Then there was the blue sea again and more land with thick forests. The whole earth was rich and beautiful. He walked there, hoping to meet a tiger, and he did. The villagers had come to tell his host that a tiger had killed a young cow the previous night and would come back that night to the kill. Would they like to see it?

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