Anatomy Recall by Jared Antevil

By Jared Antevil

Written by means of specialists within the box, scholars, and citizens, Anatomy bear in mind allows swift studying and memorization with a concise query and solution layout. A bookmark incorporated with the textual content allows the reader to hide the solutions to the questions for potent self-testing. teachers - click on the following to reserve a unfastened assessment reproduction of this identify

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10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 22. a-d. Head: horizontal section 1. Vomer Superior nasal concha Inferior oblique muscle Inferior fornix of conjunctiva Inferior rectus muscle Orbital fat Lacrimonasal duct Perpendicular lamina of ethmoid bone Nasal septum Maxillary sinus Sphenoid sinus Lateral pterygoid muscle Temporalis muscle Masseter muscle Zygomatic arch section passes through the base of the skull (basilar portion of the occipital bone). One sees the cartilaginous part of the external acoustic meatus, the mastoid air cells in the petrous part of the temporal bone, and at the apex of the pyramid, the carotid canal and the cartilaginous portion of the auditory tube.

32. 33. Spleen Left suprarenal gland Left renal vein Left renal artery Left suprarenal vein Ascending lumbar vein Thoracic duct Spinal cord Sacrospinal muscle Quadratus lumborum muscle Psoas major muscle Kidney Fat capsule Right lobe of liver Tumor of suprarenal gland Gallbladder 57 Abdomen 1 2 3 30 a 4 29 5 28 6 7 27 8 26 9 25 10 11 12 24 23 22 13 21 14 20 15 19 16 18 17 58 3. , head, body, and tail (Fig. 39). The principal organs and structures in this section are the liver with part of the portal fissure, pancreas, inferior vena cava, superior mesenteric vein, splenic vein, right renal vein, aorta, right and left renal arteries, two kidneys, spleen, left colic flexure, and pyloric antrum.

11. Temporallobe Temporalis muscle Lateral rectus muscle Upper eyelid Optic nerve Medial rectus muscle Nasal septum Sphenoid sinus Ethmoid air cells Body of sphenoid bone Internal carotid artery (siphon) 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Fornix of conjunctiva Trigeminal ganglion Trigeminal nerve Petrous portion of temporal bone Tympanic cavity Mastoid air cells Sigmoid sinus Middle cerebellar peduncle Dentate nucleus Cerebellar tonsil Internal occipital protuberance Occipital sinus Trapezius muscle Semispinalis capitis muscle Fourth ventricle Pons Cerebellum Posterior semicircular canal Basilar artery Head, Brain, and Visceral Cranium d 29 3.

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