Allah is Known Through Reason by Harun Yahya

By Harun Yahya

While the glorious concord in nature is obviously observable regardless of the bare eye, how can it's attainable to imagine that this layout used to be demonstrated haphazardly and fortuitously? without doubt, there needs to be an proprietor of this layout latest in bodies and attaining the remotest corners of the really massive universe. This booklet is a summons to contemplate the universe and the dwelling issues Allah has created and to determine the perfection of their production.

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The bodies of these living beings are so harmonious with their environment that when you look at their pictures, you cannot tell if they are plants or animals, or distinguish them from their surroundings. As will be seen in the following pages, the incredible similarity of an insect to a leaf helps it escape the notice of its enemies. It is obvious that this tiny animal has not made its body look like a leaf. Maybe it is not even aware that it is being protected because it looks like a leaf. However, the camouflage is so deft that it readily impinges as a defence tactic planned specially and 'created'.

Science leads us to the conclusion that the universe has a Creator and this Creator is perfect in might, wisdom and knowledge. It is religion that shows us the way in knowing Allah. It is therefore possible to say that science is a method we use to better see and investigate the realities addressed by religion. Nevertheless, today, some of the scientists who step forth in the name of science take an entirely different stand. In their view, scientific discoveries do not imply the creation of Allah.

It takes 3-4 days for a caterpillar that has opened its eyes very recently to life to complete this process. 14 At the end of this process, it starts a new task through which it undergoes a metamorphosis to become an A silkworm caterpillar in its cocoon which it has spun with a silk thread. elegant butterfly. Neither the action taken by the mother silkworm to protect its eggs, nor the behaviour of a tiny caterpillar devoid of any awareness, education or knowledge can be explained by evolution. First of all, the ability of the mother to produce the thread it uses to secure its eggs is miraculous.

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