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The pursuit of such degrees may occupy a person's entire lifetime, but the type of knowledge acquired is considered well worth the effort. ychology It is important to recognize that "intelligence," as measured by "degrees of consciousness" or self-knowledge, is completely independent of success in public schools or occupational ranking. Thus, it is not surprising to find a highly "intelligent" (as we define it) person having less than a high school diploma and perhaps working at a very low-status occupation.

Because of this, we recognize that a renewal of the spiritual core of the Black man is the most effective therapy for his adjustment disorders. This perhaps begins to explain the very high level of success achieved by the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in resolving those problems of Black people where traditionally trained psychologists have been utter failures. This has been particularly true of drug addiction and other so-called "incorrigible" conditions. We can finally (after four hundred years) begin to understand that the solutions to the problems of the Black man are different from the solutions of the problems of the people of European descent.

Because self-knowledge is considered an important element of consciousness and intelligence, African Psychology defines as an important content area, the nature ofthe self. Like many other areas related to African peoples and Black behavior, the research in this area of self-conception is characterized by several important subjective tendencies. \J'chology the research about African (Black) people was (and is being), produced largely by non-Black peoples. Secondly, the orientation of most of this research was (and is) to support the pre-conceived notion that African people are deviant from and hence abnormal to white people.

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