Adventures of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (Herge) by Hergé

By Hergé

The vintage photograph novel. the 1st of Tintin's black-and-white adventures. despatched on project to the Soviet Union, Tintin forums a educate. . . yet after an explosion, Tintin is blamed for the bombing, and he needs to make his approach to the Soviet Union by means of stealth. as soon as there, he uncovers a few stunning Bolshevik secrets and techniques.

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But not always. With the movement still in its infancy, and activists mostly connected loosely and informally, they couldn’t achieve sufficient strength to hold their ground. Holding territory against the massive armed power of the state is impossible without comparably armed, organized, seasoned, and disciplined forces. Some protesters did fight back, and valiantly; all, in the end, gave way like oaks to chainsaws. The second dispersal strategy—to exploit and intensify the internal contradictions of the movement itself—was more subtle and took a bit longer, but was actually smarter in that it also left a residue of frustration and demoralization.

But before they resort to that, they try everything else, including co-opting it. They draw it into dead ends it creates for this purpose: pressuring public officials, working with corporate and state funded non-profits, exercising formal civil rights such as free speech—as long as we don’t threaten the actual relationship of power, we have all these means of dissent that we’re permitted to exercise. And because the system has ideological hegemony (in other words, brainwashing), most people can’t conceptualize resistance outside of this framework allowed by the system itself.

The next part is production. One of the defining features of capitalist production is the exploitation of labor. Exploitation has a precise meaning in economics, which isn’t simply using someone for material gain. It means the worker is paid less than the exchange value of what they produce. During the time that they’re paid $10, they might make items worth $100. That extra $90, minus fixed costs, is surplus value that the capitalist privately appropriates—in other words, steals. Externalization of costs is another way the capitalist commits theft, and murder as well.

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