Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 158: Physical Chemistry by Mitsuru Nagasawa

By Mitsuru Nagasawa

The Advances in Chemical Physics sequence offers the chemical physics box with a discussion board for severe, authoritative reviews of advances in each quarter of the self-discipline. This quantity explores subject matters from Thermodynamic houses of Polyelectrolyte recommendations to ion-binding of polyelectrolytes. The e-book features:

  • The purely sequence of volumes to be had that offers the innovative of study in chemical physics
  • Contributions from specialists during this box of research
  • Representative cross-section of study that questions confirmed pondering on chemical solutions
  • An editorial framework that makes the e-book an exceptional complement to a complicated graduate classification in actual chemistry or chemical physics

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1. Neglecting the effect of osmotic pressure ????(????̃Na+ + ????̃Cl− ) on the distribution of ions compared with the effect of electric force, the following relationship is obtained from eqs (78) and (79). ) (√ 1 2 2 x= A + 4Cs − A (81) 2 MITSURU NAGASAWA 44 2. The membrane potential appearing on both sides of membrane E can also be derived from eqs (78) and (79): (√ ) A2 + 4Cs2 + A RT E= ln √ (82) F A2 + 4C2 − A s 3. The polyelectrolyte solution (II) is usually so dilute that the following approximation may be safely assumed: ln No = ln [1 − (np + nNa+ + nCl− )∕(no + np + nNa+ + nCl− )] (83) ≈ −(np + nNa+ + nCl− )∕(no + np + nNa+ + nCl− ) (84) where np is the molar concentration of the polyion, that is, np = C∕M (mol/l).

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