Actor (Virtual Apprentice) by Don Rauf

By Don Rauf

Presents a behind-the-scenes examine performing and the learning and expertise concerned, and profiles actors.

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25 Connolly, John 50–55 costume designer 43–44 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 28 DeNiro, Robert 29 Depp, Johnny 22 digital backlots 28 director 44, 45 Ebsen, Buddy 28 Eigeman, Chris 45 Elizabethan England 9–10 Emmy Awards 19 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 28 extras 39 Face Painting (Silver) 47 Fanning, Dakota 34 Flockhart, Calista 22 Ford, Harrison 22 Full House 33 Gladiator 28 Golden Globe Awards 19 Hadnott, Joy 50–55 Hanks, Tom 25, 29 64 Holmes, Katie 35 Internet 29–31 Jurassic Park 27 Kael, Pauline 9 Kelly, Gene 27 Kenny, Tom 40 Kidman, Nicole 32 King Kong (remake) 25 Kornhaber, Sheri 43 Kundera, Milan 17 Larson, Jayne Amelia 46 Law, Jude 28 Liu, Lucy 22 The Lord of the Rings (films) 25 Lucas, George 28 makeup artist 43, 44, 46–47 Malkovich, John 35 manager 47 Menounos, Maria 28-29 Molière 12–13 Monster 29 Moore, Demi 22 Murray, Bill 22 National Association of Schools of Theatre 35 Nicholson, Jack 22 Nighy, Bill 25–26 Obie Awards 19 Olivier, Sir Laurence 10 Olsen, Mary Kate and Ashley 33 O’Neal, Ryan 39 O’Neal, Tatum 39 Oscar Awards 19 Paltrow, Gwyneth 28 Paper Moon 39 Perry, Matthew 16 The Pianist 29 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest 25–27 Pitt, Brad 16, 22 playwright 48 The Polar Express 22, 24 Portman, Natalie 4 Powers, Will 8 preparation for career 32–39 Prescott, Darrin 42 producer 46, 47 production assistant 47 publicist 47 Racine, Jean 12 radio 39 Raging Bull 29 Reagan, Nancy 7, 9 Reagan, Ronald 7, 9 Reed, Oliver 28 Ribisi, Giovanni 28 Richardson, Sir Ralph 41 Ruffalo, Mark 37 Screen Actors Guild 14 screenwriter 48 set designer 48–49 The Seven (Powers) 8 Seven Against Thebes (Aeschylus) 8 Shakespeare, William 9–11, 13 Silver, Patricia 47 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow 28 “Smithee, Alan” 24 Sophocles 8 Spacey, Kevin 35 special effects.

Here are some day jobs I can see myself doing until I get my big break: ______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ I love the world of the theater, but I’m much more comfortable working behind the scenes. Some jobs that might suit me better are: _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Which role sounds more like you?

Supporting Roles with theatrical makeup, check out Face Painting by Patricia Silver (Toronto, ON: Kids Can Press, 2000). Manager Managers generally handle all the actor’s personal affairs—from daily scheduling to business matters. Unlike the agent, the manager usually has only one to a handful of clients—so the manager is more focused on advancing each client’s career. Managers also handle financial guidance and legal planning. Production Assistant Some of the busiest people in a theater or on a movie set are the production assistants, or PAs.

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