A Textbook of Electrical Technology in SI Units. Volume I: by B. L. Theraja

By B. L. Theraja

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B - .... AI' c_ 30V c _ it - Reference (b) (c) It may be noted that any point in the circuit can be chosen as the reference point to suit our requirements. This point is often called ground or earth because originally it meant a point in a circuit which was actually connected to earth either for safety in power systems or for efficient radio reception and transmission. Although, this meaning still exists, yet it has become usual today for 'ground' to mean any point in the circuit which is connected to a large metallic object such as the metal chassis of a transmitter, the aluminium chassis of a receiver, a wide strip of copper plating on a printed circuit board, frame or cabinet which supports the whose equipment.

In thiscircuitof Fig. find thevalueRI and R2so that 12~ Iln and theinput resistance as seen from points A and B is R ohm. Solution. As seen, the current through Rz in (II - Iz). d. across points C and D is Rz (I) Iz) = (R) + R) Iz or RzI) ~ (R) + Rz + R) Iz V_ - .. (i) The inputresistanceof the circuitas viewedfrom terminalsA andBis requiredto be R. R= .. R) + R2 II(R) + R) = R)-+RI+R . using Eq. (I) - R, A R C II I -12 R R B D Fig. 59 36 Electrical Technology .. RI = 2n -_(n - 1) - ---:r-R _n-ln + 1 R and R2 _RI+R_ n - 1 .

Keeping this in mind, it is clear that as we go from the -ve terminal of a battery to its +ve terminal (Fig. 3), there is a rise in potential, hence this voltage should be given a + ve sign. If, on the other hand, we go from +ve tenninal to -ve tenninal, then there is afall in potential, hence this voltage should be preceded current current . Rise in Voltage +E ~~ . _ . B R . V +B .. motion Rise in Voltage + V = + IR Fig. 3 Fig. 4 by a -ve sign. m.! is independent of the direction of the current through that branch.

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