A Reformation Debate: Sadoleto's Letter to the Genevans and by John C. Olin, John Calvin, Visit Amazon's Jacopo Sadoleto

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In 1539, Cardinal Jacopo Sadoleto, Bishop of Carpentras, addressed a letter to the magistrates and electorate of Geneva, asking them to come back to the Roman Catholic religion. John Calvin spoke back to Sadoleto, protecting the adoption of the Protestant reforms. Sadoleto's letter and Calvin's answer represent probably the most attention-grabbing exchanges of Roman Catholic/Protestant perspectives in the course of the Reformationand an exceptional advent to the nice non secular controversy of the 16th century. those statements should not in vacuo of a Roman Catholic and Protestant place. They have been drafted in the middle of the non secular clash that was once then dividing Europe. and so they mirror too the temperaments and private histories of the lads who wrote them. Sadoleto's letter has an irenic process, an emphasis at the harmony and peace of the Church, hugely attribute of the Christian Humanism he represented. Calvin's answer is partially a private protection, an apologia professional vita sua, that files his personal non secular adventure. And its taut, accomplished argument is attribute of the disciplined and logical brain of the writer of The Institutes of the Christian faith.

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In myown right, I maintain that in undertaking these offices I had a legitimate vocation. How faithfully and religiously I have performed them, there is no occasion for now showing at length. Perspicuity, erudition, prudence, ability, not even industry,will I now claim for myself, but that I certainly labored withthe sincerity whichbecame me in the work of the Lord, I can in conscience appeal to Christ, my Judge, and all His angels, while a11 good men bear clear testimony in my favor. "his ministery, therefore, whenit shall appear to have been of God (as it certainly shall appear, 44 CALVIN’S REPLY TO SADOLETO after the cause has been heard), were I in silence to allow you to tear and defame, who would not condemn such silence as treachery?

The arrest and execution of Jean Philippe, leader of the Articulants, following a riot in June, signalized the fall of the anti-Calvin party. ** Calvin was not anxious to do so. After his banishment from Geneva, he had taken up residence in Strasbourg a t the invitation of Martin Bucer, and his li€e there was happy, active, and fruitful. He hesitated long before deciding to leave, but at last, yielding to Farel, Viret, and other friends, he agreed to go back. He left Strasbourg €or Geneva in September, I 541, and his return to the turbulent city that had once cast him forth begins the great period of Calvin’s predominance.

For what else does this name of justice signify, or what other meaningand idea does it present to us, if regard is not had in it to good works? For Scripture says, that “God sent his Son to prepare a people acceptable to Himself, zealous o€ good works”; and in another place it says, that wemay be built up in Christ unto good 29 A REFORMATION DEBATE works. If, then, Christ was sent that we, by well-doing, may, through Him, be accepted of God, and that we may be built up in Him unto good works; surely the faith which we have in God through Jesus Christ not only enjoins and commands us to confide in Christ but to confide, working or resolved to work well in Him.

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