A New Outline of Social Psychology by Martin Gold

By Martin Gold

Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Presentation of the author's version of social psychology which specializes in the reciprocal kin among the individual and the social atmosphere.

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42 A NEW OUTLINE OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY A “boundary”between levels consists of the events at one level of analysis that most probably give rise to events at the other. The events at one level are conceived as being as close t o the boundary with the other as the strength of this likelihood. The organization of the social psychological model implies that the person and the specified levels of the social environment are adjacent, that is, they will in all probability affect one another. (Students of K.

Social psychology cannot accomplish this with theoretical reduction. It works instead by theoretical translation. Translation is not derivation. This theoretical tool assumes t h a t there is a self-contained body of useful psychology theory, but it implies that closed theories of the social environment are also useful. What effect, for example, does a certain change in the differential distribution of rewards in an organization have on the obligations and privileges of the other roles that comprise it?

Kelley and Thibaut (1978)incorporated the social environment into their model by considering the situation of a triad. In adding the third person to our analysis, we are not simply interested in its generalization to the triad, although that is one of our purposes. We also view the third person as epitomizing the social context in which the dyad exists. The ways in which person C can affect the A-B pair reveal how the dyad can be strengthened, changed, or disrupted by its social environment. (p.

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