A Grammar of Toba Batak by H. N. Van Der Tuuk (auth.)

By H. N. Van Der Tuuk (auth.)

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3. The consonants in whose reproduction the same organ of speech is used are termed homorganic; p, b, m and ware homorganic. ous. 4. they have a corresponding relationship to their homorganic partners : k is to g and ng as tj is to d j and n j as t is to d and n as p is to b and m. The semi-vowels too, because of a corresponding relall:ionship to their homorganic partners are 8 A GRAMMAR OF TOBA BATAK homotypic: j is to nj, dj and tj as w is to m, b and p. , 3Jtld is, therefore, a homotypic of the consonants occurring in the same column.

13 Hence the wretched little school books that are there given to the young and which will, inadvertently, slowly bring the pagans completely under the influence of the Muslims. 13 For example, in Mandailing hadjaran- horse is now seldom used, kudo (Men. ) is used instead. This is a marked proof of Malay influence, because this word is not even known in Lubu : the word used there is kadjawan. A GRAMMAR OF TOBA BATAK PART I THE SOUND SYSTEM I. SCRIPT AND PRONUNCIATION 1. WRITING. The language is written from left to right.

6. , the language they must use in order to be sucoessful in finding the camphor, which is so difficult to locate. Obs. In hunting and fishing, too, the use of certain words is forbidden and they must be replaced by others. V. Through contact with the more civilized Malays the Batak language has borrowed many words £rom Malay. Sanskrit words have not been taken directly into Batak bull: through a Malay-speaking people, because such words have in their form the appearance of having first been corrupted by a language that has the sound laws of Jav.

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